We believe there’s strength in numbers

1911 Security Services

At 1911 Security Services, we know that there is strength in numbers. 

That’s why we offer a team of expertly trained armed guards to protect you and your property.

Our commitment to precision and professionalism is unmatched in the industry. We understand that your safety and security are of the utmost importance, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Best in class security Services

At 1911 Security Services, we offer a wide range of security services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Armed Security Services: Our expertly trained armed guards are equipped to handle any situation, from preventing break-ins to responding to emergencies.
  • Personal Protection: Our personal protection services are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure, whether you’re at home or on the go.
  • VIP Security: We provide VIP security services for high-profile individuals who require a higher level of protection.
  • Secure Transportation: Our secure transportation services ensure that you and your valuables get to your destination safely and securely.
  • Event Security: We offer event security services to ensure the safety of attendees and prevent any potential security threats.
  • Retail Security: Our retail security services are designed to prevent theft and protect your business and employees.
  • Residential Security: We provide residential security services to keep your home and family safe from potential threats.
  • Commercial Security: Our commercial security services are tailored to the unique needs of your business, from preventing theft to securing your premises.

At 1911 Security Services, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and providing the highest level of protection to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your security needs.

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